Yeti Tool 21168 SmartBench CNC Stylus

SmartBench CNC Stylus

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Turn your SmartBench into a CNC multi-tool with the CNC Stylus, our unique large-format pen plotting, and vinyl cutting adapter.

The CNC Stylus comes with Sharpie pens and vinyl cutting cartridge with blades included in order to get you started, however unlike other machines you are not limited to custom cutters/bespoke pens - you are able to use anything you have to hand.


  • Using the ER25 collet makes for an incredibly flexible tool holding system allowing the user to make use of non-specific drawing/cutting tool.
  • Constant velocity pressure design means a standard constant pressure is applied to the drawing/cutting tool ensuring a smooth even cut/line.
  • As a vinyl cutter, multiple materials can be processed - rigid vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl, heat transfer vinyl.
  • As a pen plotter, you can draw with multiple types of drawing tools on almost anything, as long as it’s relatively flat.
  • High-quality precision-machined aluminum 4 part body for solid, stable control.
  • 43mm collar size allows users of other CNC machines the ability to use CNC Stylus.

What's in the box?

CNC Stylus
Vinyl cutting cartridge
15 vinyl cutting blades (5 x 30 deg blade, 5 x 45 deg blade, 5 x 60 deg blade)
7mm – 16mm ER25 collets
4 Sharpie pens Blade height jig
CNC Stylus Quick Start Guide

What else will I need?

To use CNC Stylus and complete your first job you will need to have the following additional items.

Strong, rigid, and flat spoil board – 1/2" or 3/4" melamine faced MDF recommended
For vinyl cutting, you may need a self-healing mat to preserve blade life
Low tack tape or adhesive spray for holding your media
CAM processing software – Vectric recommended.

Collar Diameter: 43mm (1.69inch)
Overall Length: 180mm (7.08 inch)
Overall Diameter: 60mm (2.36 inch)
Weight: 0.5kg (17.36 Oz)
Tool Holding: ER25 Collet
Minimum Tool Diameter: 8mm (0.282 inch)
Maximum Tool Diameter: 16mm (0.63 inch)
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