Privacy and Data Use Policy

Visiting our website does not require any personal data entry. Where personal or business data (e.g., email addresses, phone numbers, names, and postal addresses) can be entered, such submission is entirely voluntary. Services and purchases can be made without personal data when feasible and lawful, using anonymous or pseudonymous data instead.

Communication Use Your email or SMS number will only be used to send information about our products and services or for necessary warranty registrations by our suppliers. Your contact information will not be shared with unrelated third parties or used to send unrelated advertising. You can unsubscribe from our newsletters at any time, and hyperlink interactions within our emails or website are anonymously recorded to prevent any personal data association.

Data Personalization Personal data provided is used to tailor our communications, products, and services for a more personalized experience. Optional additional details help us address you more personally. Alternate email addresses and fictitious names are permissible.

Data Transfer and Consent Your personal data is treated with confidentiality; it will not be sold, traded, rented, or used for unrelated third-party advertising. By providing your data, you consent to its use in accordance with data protection laws, with assurance against access by unrelated third parties. Consent can be withdrawn at any time, requiring us to delete your personal details or deactivate your email address upon request.

User Interaction and Anonymity Our servers automatically log web page access attempts, retaining this information anonymously. This data, which cannot be used to identify individual users or their behavior, supports the optimization of our web services without compromising user privacy.

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