TSO Products 61-471 Guide Rail Accessory TPG Parallel Guide System TPG-20 Set

TPG Parallel Guide System TPG-20 Set

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TPG Parallel Guide System updated for 2022

The patent-pending TSO Parallel Guide (TPG) System offers the most capability of any parallel guide system on the market while eliminating user-reported limitations of competing products. Like all parallel guides, the TPG System provides for repeatable rips—but it has a few distinctive qualities you’ll only find from a TSO Product:

  • Rather than cumbersome designs that rely on sliding together lengths of track and fastening methods that can slip out of calibration without you noticing, the TPG System uses simple one-piece T-tracks with rock-solid bolt-on attachment to your guide rail, and a FlipStop v2.0 that only moves when you want it to.
  • Metric and Imperial dual dimensions are laser engraved on every T-track.
  • Exclusive Calibration Memory™ feature of FlipStop v2.0 removes the need for re-calibration when changing between standard and narrow stock rods.
  • Capacity to rip full 4x8 sheet goods all the way down to very narrow cuts, with material as thin a 1/4" (6mm).
  • The TPG System has the patent-pending ability to square and parallel in a single cut, using just one T-track!*

TPG-20 Set Includes:

  • Two (2) 20" dual-dimensioned T-tracks
  • Two (2) TPG FlipStop v2.0
  • Two (2) Calibration Rods, for narrow cutting
  • Four (4) Comfort Grip Star Knobs
  • One (1) 3mm Hex Driver for all adjustments

Please note: for each TPG T-track, you need either a TPG Adapter or GRS-16 Guide Rail Square*.

*If you own a GRS-16 or GRS-16 PE Guide Rail Square with accessory mounting holes, it can be used to connect a TPG T-track to your guide rail simply order one (1) TPG Adapter.

If you don't own a GRS-16 Guide Rail Square or GRS-16 PE Guide Rail Square see the mounting options below

Mounting Options:

  1. Purchase two (2) TPG Adapters
  2. Purchase one (1) GRS-16 Guide Rail Square and one (1) TPG Adapter
  3. Purchase one (1) GRS-16 PE Guide Rail Square and one (1) TPG Adapter
  4. Purchase one (1) GRS-16 Guide Rail Square and one (1) GRS-16 PE Guide Rail Square
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