TSO Products 61-389 A Guide Rail Accessory T-track Connector for TPG Parallel Guide System

T-track Connector for TPG Parallel Guide System

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TSO Products T-track Connector for TPG Parallel Guide System

SKU: 61-389 A


Use the TPG T-track connector to combine multiple lengths of TPG System T-tracks. Combine left-hand, right-hand, and even mix left- and right-hand T-tracks with this strong connector. Once combined, T-track functionality is retained and the TPG FlipStop glides seamlessly through the connection point. The specially designed super-short button-head stainless machine screws also don't interfere with the TPG FlipStop cursor.

This T-track connector is a great option for those who need ultra-wide width cutting capacity, or those who only occasionally require longer width rips beyond the capacity of their T-tracks. It is especially useful for those who already own a GRS-16 or GRS-16 PE Guide Rail Square which adds to the TPG System the patent-pending ability to both parallel and square in a single cut, with just one TPG T-track!

Please Note: This connector is for newer T-tracks with accessory mounting holes

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