TSO Products 61-388 Guide Rail Accessory Quick Guide Rail Adapter for TPG Parallel Guide System

Quick Guide Rail Adapter for TPG Parallel Guide System

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For use with Festool Guide Rails only.

The TPG Quick Adapter performs the same function as our Original TPG Adapter, with the added option of even faster setup and removal thanks to its included tool-less quick attachment feature.

The TPG Quick Adapters do not include mounting hardware as they are designed to work with the TPG-30 and/or TPG-30-50 sets.

Detailed Description

Our TPG Quick Adapters represent an economical and reliable means to connect TPG System T-tracks to your Festool guide rail. Compatible with all TPG T-tracks (both right- and left-hand), the TPG Quick Adapter connects using the M6 Comfort Grip Star Knobs and CNC-Machined Centering Spacers included with each TPG-30 and TPG-30/50 Set. It will not interfere with track saw plunge cuts, and can be easily moved along the guide rail once properly configured. Once placed on your guide rail, the TPG Quick Adapter can be fine-tuned by adjusting the two "zero clearance adjustment" screws to eliminate unwanted play; this procedure only has to be performed during first use. When a more permanent attachment is desired, the TPG Quick Adapter can be secured to your guide rail with the included torpedo nut and top-mounted M5 flathead screws, just like the Original TPG Adapter. All adjustments can be made with a 3mm Ball Hex Driver (included in the TPG-30 and TPG-30/50 Sets).

The TPG System can utilize TPG Adapters and/or GRS-16 Guide Rail Squares for connecting T-tracks to guide rails. While the GRS-16 is more expensive, you may want to consider at least one GRS-16 in your TPG kit because it enables the patent-pending ability to square and parallel in a single cut, using just one T-track—whereas the TPG Adapter will only ensure your cuts are parallel.

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