Shaper Tools SF1-8-16D Router Bit 16mm X 16mm Clearing Router Bit

16mm X 16mm Clearing Router Bit

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This clearing bit will change the way you work with Origin. Its 16 mm diameter will make quick, clean work of all your pocketing operations, and make Origin a much more efficient tool for a wide range of projects. The three-flute geometry reduces load on the spindle, decreases heat build-up, and keeps your cutter edges sharp and clean through hours of cutting.


  • Hog out material in a fraction of the time that a straight bit would require
  • Take 12 mm roughing passes
  • Ideal for all pocketing operations in a wide range of materials


  1. Overall Length: 65 mm
  2. Shank Diameter: 8 mm
  3. Cutter Diameter: 16 mm
  4. Cutter Length: 16 mm
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