Oneida Air XSK000014-P Dust Collector Supercell 14 Gal. Portable High-Pressure Dust Collector

Supercell 14 Gal. Portable High-Pressure Dust Collector

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Oneida Air Systems' new Supercell® dust collector is the tool shop owners have been dreaming of: a single system that efficiently and effectively captures and contains dust from every tool in the shop with a dust port size of 1” to 5”.

The Supercell is ideal for handheld and portable tools - even small CNC routers. Its adaptable design mounts conveniently to the wall and can be installed virtually anywhere in the shop, connecting to tools by up to an astounding 100 feet of 4” hose and ductwork.


  • 10x higher suction power than standard dust collectors, perfect for both handheld and benchtop tools with up to 5” dust ports.
  • Accommodates simultaneous use of up to three tools with 1” to 2.5” dust ports.
  • Combined 5HP fan blower motor operates at 230V with magnetic starter and overload protector.
  • Wireless remote control operates at radio frequency - works through walls from up to 100' away.
  • Ultra-high efficiency cyclone separator removes 99% of dust from the incoming airstream, virtually eliminating filter clogging and suction loss.
  • HEPA-certified filter media rated at 99.97% efficient at 0.3 microns with non-stick, PTFE membrane.
  • Internal pulse filter cleaner removes dust from the filter in seconds without needing to take the system apart for cleaning.
  • Lightweight 14-gallon dust bin with automatic bag holder and fill level viewing window.
  • Dust Sentry™ automatically alerts you when the drum is full and needs to be emptied.
  • Compact, mobile design with non-marking, locking casters and large, solid, non-marking rubber wheels.

Product Warning: Only use vacuum pressure rated flex-hose* and duct with the Supercell dust collector. Under the system's high suction, standard hose/pipe may collapse causing affixed tools to be pulled towards the system, potentially causing damage and/or injury.

* Sold Separately

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Unbeatable Suction Power

What makes the Supercell unique in dust collection is its incredibly high static pressure rating (97.8" WC) - ten times higher than standard dust collectors - making it the only dust collector that collects from a 5" port just as well as a 1" port.

As air moves through ductwork it's met with resistance from the other air molecules and walls around it. Every length, turn, split, and reduction increases this pressure buildup and restricts how much air can move through the pipe at once, leaving dust on the tool. Standard collectors try to compensate for this by increasing the total air volume (CFM), but like adding more lanes to a highway, only so many cars can move off the exit ramp at once.

The Supercell's solution is to speed up the cars! Powered by three high-pressure blowers working in sync, the Supercell's high suction creates an intense vacuum system that moves the dust-laden air at a relentless pace, overcoming the resistance through up to 100 feet of 4" hose and ductwork!

  • Use up to three 2.5" (or smaller) tool ports simultaneously.
  • Low pitch noise level for operator comfort.
  • Includes RF remote control that works through walls and up to 100 feet away.

Ultra-High Efficiency Steel Cyclone Separator

The Supercell features a long-tapered body that uses cyclonic force to spin 99% of dust and debris out of the airstream, containing it in an easy-to-empty 35-gallon drum beneath the cone.

  • Virtually eliminates filter clogging and suction loss to provide continuous suction performance.
  • Significantly extends the lifespan of the filter and reduces downtime needed for cleaning.
  • 4" diameter neutral-vane inlet for use with common ductwork and hose fittings.
  • Industrial, heavy-gauge steel construction with full welded, airtight seams.
  • Long-tapered design allows for more separation than the squat models of competitors.
  • Oneida Air Systems' trademark gold, rust preventative, powder coat finish.

Integrated Pulse Filter Cleaner

There are few tasks worse than dealing with a clogged filter; cleaning them can be messy and time-consuming, and it's often the only way to restore suction. Now you can clean your filter without disassembling or turning off the system!

With the Supercell's built-in pulse cleaner, you never have to worry about downtime or dust clouds while cleaning your filter! A few quick taps on the pulse bar temporarily reverses the system's airflow, blasting dust off of the filter and safely into the drum below.

  • Removes clogs from the filter in seconds.
  • No disassembly required for maintenance.
  • Minimizes owner's exposure to harmful dust clouds.

High Quality & Serviceable Filtration

The Supercell uses HEPA-certified filter media specifically designed for dust collection applications, providing unbeatable airflow and filtration performance.

  • We fully stand by the quality and performance of our filters.
  • Works at peak efficiency right out of the box - no "seasoning" required.
  • HEPA-certified filter media rated as 99.97% efficient at 0.3 microns.
  • Wide-spaced filter pleating coated with non-stick PTFE membrane to facilitate easy cleaning.
  • Unique, conical design aids in dust release when pulsing the filter.

Automatic Bag Holder System

Waste disposal is made fast and simple thanks to the Supercell's automatic bag holder that uses negative pressure to hold disposable plastic liner bags open inside the drum. When you know the drum is full (thanks to the built-in dust level sensor), simply remove the lid, tie off the bag, and lift it out - no more carrying and dumping out large, heavy containers!

Automatic Dust Bin Level Sensor

Oneida Air Systems' patented Dust Sentry™ takes the guesswork out of using your vacuum! This adjustable optical sensor detects when the drum has been filled to a pre-set level and flashes a high visibility strobe light to alert you when it's time to empty.

Capable of detecting nearly any type of wet/dry material, the Dust Sentry will significantly streamline your workflow and put you back in control of how long you can keep working.

Compact & Adaptable Wall Mounted Design

Includes a heavy-gauge steel wall mounting bracket with convenient keyholes (hardware not included) to install nearly anywhere in the shop. The two halves of the cyclone (separated by a steel ring) can be independently rotated to suit your needs (i.e., the inlet can be turned to face left, forward, or right while the pulse bar and control box can be turned separately).

Product Warning: Only use vacuum pressure rated flex-hose* and duct with the Supercell dust collector. Under the system's high suction, standard hose/pipe may collapse causing affixed tools to be pulled towards the system, potentially causing damage and/or injury.

* Sold Separately

Horsepower: 5
Motor Type: 3x 1300W Modular Motors 230V. 17A, 60Hz, 1-Phase
Power Connector: NEMA 6-20
Power Cord Length: 10 feet
Real CFM Rating: 465 CFM
Maximum Suction: 97.8” WC
Noise Level: 80 dBA @ 10 ft
Filter Type: HEPA Certified
Filtration Efficiency: 99.97% @ 0.3 microns
MERV Rating: MERV 16+
Total Filtration Area: 40 sq ft
Waste Capacity: 14 Gallons
Inlet Size: 4" O.D.
Dimensions: 23.5" w x 23.5" d x 71.5" h
Product Weight: 95 lbs.


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