Oneida Air DHF051500 Dust Collection 5" x 15' Clear Reinforced AS Urethane Flex-Hose

5" x 15' Clear Reinforced AS Urethane Flex-Hose

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This material handling flex hose is designed specifically for dust collection applications. It is constructed from a clear, abrasion resistant, anti-static urethane and is reinforced with a steel wire helix throughout the length of the hose (right hand spiral). Extremely durable and crush resistant, this industrial-grade hose is built to last through the toughest applications. Hose is raw on both ends and can be easily attached to ductwork and tools using various hose clamps and hose connect fittings.

Hose is raw on both ends and can be easily attached to 5" O.D. ductwork and tool ports using various hose clamps. Five foot lengths are perfect for bridging connections between ductwork drops and tool ports nearby.


  • Highly flexible, lightweight hose for uses with abrasive dusts, powders, and fibers.
  • Reinforced with integrated spring steel wire helix that retains shape and resists crushing.
  • Highly compressible (3:1 compression ratio) and extremely lightweight.
  • Permanently anti-static wall according to ISO 8031 electrical and surface resistance < 109 ?.
  • Durable polyurethane material is abrasion and microbe resistant, as well as flame-retardant according to UL94-HB and DIN 4102-B1.
  • Conforms to the safety regulations of the German Wood Trade Association.

Please Note: Hose lengths are labeled as the maximum length of the hose when fully extended. Flex-hose compresses when shipped and may need to be re-stretched to its full length. This is best done by clamping one end in place and firmly pulling on the other end.


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