Oneida Air AXH000001 Dust Collector Dust-Free Router Hood
Oneida Air AXH000001 Dust Collector Dust-Free Router Hood
Oneida Air AXH000001 Dust Collector Dust-Free Router Hood

Dust-Free Router Hood

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Simple & Effective Dust Control for Portable Routers!

f there's any tool in need of effective dust collection, it's your router. Chips are flying, dust is piling up, and you can barely see through the cloud … Finally, there's a solution that works for nearly any portable router!

Easy to install and built to last with industrial-grade plastics, our Dust-Free Router Hood® guarantees a safer, healthier, and more productive routing experience.


  • Lets you clean while you work, containing waste safely within your wet/dry vacuum*
  • Eliminates downtime for cleanup and helps maintain a safe, healthy, and productive worksite
  • Universal design fits most portable fixed-base or plunge routers (see compatibility chart tab)
  • Facilitates fine detail work by keeping the routing path clear of debris
  • Lessens wear and tear on expensive router bits by reducing material buildup
  • 1.5" O.D. swiveling hose connection includes quick-release "seat-belt style" lock
  • Includes two different sized chip covers for outer edges and shallow inset edges
  • Lower chip cover can easily be removed for inner plunge routing - no tools necessary
  • Injection-molded from crystal clear polycarbonate, the same material used to make bulletproof “glass”, motorcycle helmets, and jet fighter canopies. Incredibly tough and extremely durable

*Compatible with wet/dry vacuums only - not for use with low-pressure wood dust collectors.

Note: Incompatible with router sleds.

Compatibility Chart

Will this fit my router?

The router hood includes a universal base plate that features multiple screw-hole patterns to fit nearly any portable router available on the market today. We provide a convenient, printable template that can be used to verify base plate compatibility. The table below lists specific make/models that work with our Router Hood.

If your router is not listed below, it is possible to modify the router hood to suit different base plate hole patterns.

Router Make/Model Screw Hole Pattern
Bosch 1617 EVS A
Bosch 1617 EVSPK (Fixed) A
Craftsman 315 A
DeWalt DWP611 A
DeWalt DW616 A
DeWalt DW616K A
DeWalt DW618 A
DeWalt DW618B3 A
DeWalt DW621** A
DeWalt DWP611 A
DeWalt DWP611PK A
Makita RP0900K** A
Makita RP1800** A
Makita RP2301FC** A
Porter Cable 7518 A
Porter Cable 7519 A
Makita 3620** A*
Ryobi R163G*** A/C
Ryobi R163GK*** A/C
Ryobi R1631K*** A/C
Bosch 1617 EVSPK (Plunge) B
Bosch 1618 Series B
Bosch MRF23EVS B
DeWalt DW6182 B
DeWalt DW625** B
Hitachi M12VC B
Makita 1100 Series B
Makita RF1101** B
Masterforce 241-0835 B
Milwaukee 5615 B
Milwaukee 5619 B
Performax 241-1464 B
Porter Cable 100 B
Porter Cable 690 B
Porter Cable 690LR B
Porter Cable 691 B
Porter Cable 693LRPK B
Porter Cable 7529 B
Porter Cable 8529 B
Porter Cable 890 Series B
Porter Cable 892 B
Porter Cable 893PK B
Porter Cable 894PK B
Porter Cable 895PK B
Porter Cable 9690 B
Porter Cable 9690LR B
Ridgid R22002 B
Bosch 1619 C
Bosch 1619 EVS C

*Interferes with Straight Edge Guide.
**Installs with 2 of 4 base plate screws, which is sufficient for full functionality & performance. Can be drilled for 3rd & 4th screws if desired.
***Installs with 3 of 4 base plate screws, which is sufficient for full functionality & performance. Can be drilled for 4th screw if desired.

Known Incompatible Routers:

Bosch 1613 EVS
Festool 1010 EQ
Festool 1400 EQ
Festool 2200 EQ
Festool 700 EQ
Festool MFK700
Ryobi RE180PL1G
Most trim routers
Router sleds

Printable Router Base Template
Router Hood Customization Guide

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