Mirka Polishing Compound Polarshine ******

Mirka Polishing Compound Polarshine ******

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These abrasive compounds allow a high gloss finish to be achieved quickly and efficiently. They are suitable for use with powered polishers or hand polishing.

Polarshine 10 is a medium-coarse compound intended for ploshing scratch-resistant clear coats. The formulation is designed to keep the surface temperature low. Water-based, and silicone-free. A sheepskin is recommended if machine polishing.

Polarshine FC-5 is a medium-fine polishing compound for removing holograms, and removing sanding marks after sanding with P2500 or finer abrasives. Silicone free. An ultra-fine foam pad is recommended if machine polishing.

Packaged in a 1 litre bottle with convenient spout for easy application.

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