Mirka Pneumatic Random Orbit Sander 5 Inch with Dust Extraction Port

Mirka Pneumatic Random Orbit Sander 5 Inch with Dust Extraction Port

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This highly-evolved air sander has all the features you expect from a pneumatic sander with additional features to make your work more efficient and less fatiguing.

Dust extraction fitting

The wide dust collection inlet above the pad directs suction across the pad for effective dust extraction. The swivelling 1-1/4 inch diameter ribbed port readily accepts a hose connected to a dust extractor.

Use with Abranet mesh abrasives for the ultimate sanding performance and dust extraction.

Pad brake

The pad brake prevents the sanding pad from endlessly free-spinning once the switch is released so the sander can be set down sooner without risking deep scratches in the workpiece.

Ergonomic design

The extended body covers the air inlet, providing support for the palm and wrist and reducing fatigue during long sanding sessions.

Wide dust collection outlet under pad, and Abranet abrasives combine for very effective dust control.

Pad brake prevents eliminates deep scratches caused by a free-spinning contacting the surface.

5 millimetre stroke

This mid-length stroke is ideal for general sanding, combining fast stock removal with a fine scratch pattern.

Requires 17 CFM (maximum 90 PSI). Suggested for use with a compressor 5 HP or larger. Hose not included.

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