Fuji Spray 7020-4 M Series Air Cap Set Air Cap Set 1.5mm for M-Series Guns

Air Cap Set 1.5mm for M-Series Guns

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Air Cap Set 1.5mm - Medium output. Ideal for most fine finishing applications.

Includes: Air cap, needle and nozzle.

5 additional setups are available as accessories. Size No.3 is standard with all Fuji M-Spray Guns. No. 2, 3 or No. 4 can be used for any type of fine-finishing application. The larger sizes such as No. 4 allow for more fluid output. This is desirable when spraying fast drying lacquers. It allows you to spray wetter to obtain better leveling.

If you do not intend on spraying walls & ceilings then the only additional setups you would ever need would be the No. 2 Fine and Medium No. 4.

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