Fuji Spray 5432 HVLP Spray Gun Accessories 2 Quart HVLP Pressure Pot Assembly Kit

2 Quart HVLP Pressure Pot Assembly Kit

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This allows you to to add additional material capacity using your 4-stage or 5-stage Fuji Spray HVLP System.


  • Twice as much material capacity than your bottom feed spray gun, and more than three times the capacity of your gravity feed spray gun.
  • Specially designed pot, lid, and adapter.
  • No need for bulky compressor. The Fuji Spray 4-stage or 5-stage turbine pressurizes the 2Qt. cup.
  • Ability to spray at any angle, including upside down.
  • Smaller profile to reach tight corners.


  • 2Qt. Pressure Pot plus Adapter
  • 6ft Material Fluid Hose
  • Quick-Connect Coupler
  • Pressure Tube & Check Valve
  • Velcro Straps
  • Nipple Caps

Please note: You will need both a standard 25ft hose plus a whip hose in order to us your Fuji Spray 2Qt. Pressure Pot.

Important: If you are using model 9600-G - GXPC Spray Gun, you will also need a 9060 L-Fitting.

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