Fisch Tools 1/4" - 2-1/8" Wave Cutter Imperial Forstner Bits 3120**** & 3170****

Fisch Tools 1/4" - 2-1/8" Wave Cutter Imperial Forstner Bits 3120**** & 3170****

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Premium quality forstner bits ideal for drilling clean holes in wood and other similar materials.

Made in Austria

For use with a hand-held drill or drill press

The bit is suitable for use with a handheld drill or drill press. Angled holes can be cut when using a drill press.

Centre point

The centre point allows accurate placement of holes without walking or skating.

Wave edge

The patent-pending serrated wave edge produces less heat and increases stability while ensuring a clean entry.

Large chip clearance flutes

Generously-sized flutes allow efficient evacuation of chips to further reduce head built-up, and provides a clear sight path to the centre point for alignment.

Flat face

With a straight chipper, these bits drill flat-bottomed holes so are ideal for drilling blind holes.


Each bit is precisely machined for perfect concentricity and balance for runout-free accuracy and high performance.

Forged construction

Forged bits are stronger and tougher, and can drill up to three times as many holes as other Forstner bits before requiring sharpening. They can be resharpened up to 30 times.


  • 8 x 30 millimetre shank on bits up to 30 millimetres diameter
  • 10 x 30 millimetre shank on bits 32 millimetres or larger in diameter

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