Festool 577162 Hoses & Connectors Connecting Sleeve D 27 DM-AS/CT

Connecting Sleeve D 27 DM-AS/CT

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The integrated bayonet fitting connects the connecting sleeve on the suction hose securely and quickly to the extractor connector on the power tool, and it can be detached just as quickly. You decide when, not chance. It can be used for tasks from sawing to routing, whether in the workshop or on-site. This enables work to be carried out efficiently, cleanly and systematically and reduces hazards to health. Dust-free.


  • The CLEANTEC connecting sleeve allows you to individually set the air flow rate using the infinitely adjustable bypass
  • Secure and slip-proof connection between the mobile dust extractor and the power tool
  • Compact dimensions make it ideal for handling with the power tool
  • Rotating adapter prevents the hose from twisting
  • hose connector for electric tool or suction nozzle
  • the bayonet fitting produces a secure connection between the mobile dust extractor and the power tool
  • For the D 27 and D 27/32 suction hose
  • For all power tools with D 27 and D 36 flange and D 27 and D 36 cleaning accessories
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