Universal Wood Saw Blade 36 Tooth ATB

Universal Wood Saw Blade 36 Tooth ATB

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Festool Universal Wood Saw Blade 36 Tooth ATB

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Fits Kapex KSC 60 Cordless Miter Saw

Resilient, precise and perfectly adapted to the machine and material: The Universal Wood saw blade is the all-rounder for machining strips of solid wood; Multiplex/multi layered wood, MDF and HDF, as well as fibreboard made from soft plastics. This is because it is only the combination of the machine, saw blade and material that enables a truly perfect cut.

Blade Specifications:

Blade Diameter: 216mm
Blade Kerf: 2.3mm
Arbor Size: 30mm
Number of Teeth: 36
Chip Angle: -5.00 °
Tooth Type: ATB
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