Bow Products FP4 Workshop Safety FencePRO Featherboard

FencePRO Featherboard

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FencePRO featherboard is designed for use to hold down material on all types of fences. FencePRO features the same EVA feather technology as the FeatherPRO/FeatherDUO, which has revolutionized featherboard performance and safety. With FencePRO, you apply firm downward pressure yet still maintain a smooth glide. The feathers apply greater surface contact area that dampen vibration without marring material for the cleanest possible cut. FencePRO protects you against kickback far better than plastic or wood feathers. EVA is a High-Density closed-cell material that is exceptionally durable and absorbs energy from kickback. Feathers are also shatterproof and unlike plastic feathers can be replaced if damaged. FencePRO offers benefits you simply cannot get with plastic or wooden feathers. Use FencePRO with our FeatherPRO featherboards for the ultimate in feed control and safety. FencePRO comes in a 2- pack for use separately or for stacking.

  • Single Knob Actuation
  • Fast Set-Up/Strong Hold
  • Firm Glide
  • Vibration Dampening
  • Non-Marring
  • Reversible/Replaceable Feathers
  • Stackable

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