TGJ2 Series Cast Iron Bar Clamp with 2K Handle

TGJ2 Series Cast Iron Bar Clamp with 2K Handle

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Bessey® TGJ2 Series Cast Iron Bar Clamp with 2K Handle


Bessey® TG Series of malleable cast bar clamps are a trusted workshop staple. Key features include ergonomic composite handles for a secure grip, high-quality profiled steel, an anti-slip system and a hardened, smooth-running spindle that comes standard with an ACME thread to provide more clamping with less cranking. TG series clamps are made in Germany of European steel and are held to the highest clamping quality standards


  • Integrated anti-slip system
    Maximum safety with the integrated anti-slip system. A set screw molded into the sliding arm interlocks with the serration on the rail.
  • Reinforced jaw and sliding arm
    Corrugated malleable cast iron fixed jaw and sliding arm generate powerful, rigid clamping
  • High quality profiled rail
    The BESSEY® profiled rail from our own German steel plant has been optimized for clamps. The profile acts against torsional forces.
  • Bessey® smooth running spindle
    Smooth running spindle with Acme thread allows for more clamping with less effort. Replaceable pressure plates
  • Bessey® comfort handle
    2K composite handle with comfort insert

Available Sizes:

SKU: Clamping Capacity Throat Depth Clamping Force
TGJ2.506+2K 6" 2-1/2" 600 lbs.
TGJ2.512+2K 12" 2-1/2" 600 lbs.
TGJ2.518+2K 18" 2-1/2" 600 lbs.
TGJ2.524+2K 24" 2-1/2" 600 lbs.

TGJ25062K, TGJ2506+2K, TGJ25122, TGJ2512+2K, TGJ25182K, TGJ2518+2K, TGJ25242K, TGJ2524+2K

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