Auto‑Adjust Toggle Clamp, Inline Horizontal

Auto‑Adjust Toggle Clamp, Inline Horizontal

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Bessey Tools® Auto‑Adjust Toggle Clamp, Inline Horizontal


Bessey Tools® Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamps have changed the way toggle clamps are constructed with variable range clamping force and the ability to auto-adjust to variations in workpiece height while maintaining constant clamping force. Now workpieces of differing heights can be clamped quickly and securely – perfect for large and small-scale production situations. Performance flexibility offers advantages beyond traditional toggle clamps: safer operation, more consistent applied force and more flexible toolcribs.


  • Auto-Adjusts to variations in work piece height up to 1/2"
  • Holding capacity up to 700 lbs (nominal)
  • Integrated pressure screw allows clamping force adjustment from 25-550 lbs
  • Large ergonomic handle
  • High quality construction
  • Base construction is optimized for 1/4 IN (M6) fasteners
  • Spindle has an M8 thread

Available Sizes:

SKU: Clamping Capacity Auto Adjustment Clamping Force Holding Capacity
STC-IHH25 5/8" 1/2" 25-550 lbs.* 700 lbs.

* Variable and dependent on spindle settings, pressure screw setting, force applied etc. Some small spindle adjustments may be required to achieve maximum clamping opening. Note: All clamping force values in this catalog are approximate as applied force can vary based on spindle settings, pressure screw settings, force applied etc.


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