Amana Tool MD10-500C Saw Blade 10" Carbide Tipped Combination Saw Blade 50 Tooth

10" Carbide Tipped Combination Saw Blade 50 Tooth

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(D) Diameter: 10"
Teeth: 30
(d) Bore: 5/8"
Hook Angle: 15°
(B) Kerf: .126 (3.2mm)
Maximum RPM: 7,600
Grind: 4&1
(C) Plate: .087 (2.2mm)
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In many custom woodworking shops, one blade must cut a wide variety of materials. These blades will effectively rip or crosscut hardwoods, softwoods, as well as sheet goods such as plywood and particleboard. It features the time-tested combination blade design – four alternate top bevel teeth with a flat-top raker.


  • Tri-Foil-Brazing
    Ultra Strength bonding process which consists of silver and copper, allows carbide tips to endure extreme impact for added durability and overall blade life,

  • Stabilizer Vents
    Reduces noise and vibration emitted during use and helps blade run smoother.

  • Laser Cut Plate
    The plate is laser cut and annealed for the greatest accuracy and perfect tooth alignment. Roll tensioned to ensure true and flat plate for pin straight cuts.

  • Micrograin Carbide
    The smaller grain improves the cut quality and increases overall blade life.

  • Expansion Slots
    Allows the blade to expand and contract during operation to prevent blade warpage.

  • Laser Cut Bore
    The bore is laser cut to ensure rotation accuracy and less vibration which allows for maximum blade life.

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